BA Technics, mechatronics innovation and mechanical design of industrial products

BA Technics is a mechanical and mechatronics design office specialized in the development, industrialization and production of innovative products.

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BA Technics

A mechanical and mechatronics design office for the design of your industrial product

Our history

Formerly Cimtech and now supervised by BA Group, BA Technics is an industrial mechatronics design office specializing in software development and mechanical engineering design of innovative products.

Our multidisciplinary and experienced teams support companies with design and industrialization needs for complex mechatronics products.

To meet all needs, BA Technics has extensive expertise in design and numerical simulation as well as assembly and testing capabilities. Our proposal is based on an extensive panel of suppliers and subcontractors, 90% of whom are French.

Thus we are able to offer you our services from prototype development to small and medium series production.

Our approach is based on personalizing our customers' needs, projects and expectations. Our mechanical and mechatronics design office aims to meet industrial needs associated with your product while prioritizing a high-quality client relationship.

Thanks to our agile methodology, we produce your industrial products using design-to-cost principles to make them compatible with economic and feasibility constraints.

Mastered technical product development processes, from A to Z

Our expertise

electronic design
mechanical and mechatronics design office

BA Technics is here to assist you from the conceptualization of your idea to the marketing of your industrial product thanks to a sharp panel of technical skills.

With a high technical expertise, our qualified teams excel in the development of industrial products: feasibility study, mechanical, mechatronics and electronic design, mechanical, thermal and fluid simulation, sensor integration, machine safety management, embedded real-time software development, plastics processing and foundry, and management of multidisciplinary and complex projects.

Our mechanical and mechatronics design office specializes in 3D modeling, industrial design integration, numerical simulations, etc. We are able to propose the structural optimization of your designs, in order to guarantee their durability and manufacturability while reducing the production cost. In a logic of ecodesign, we engage at reducing material, and also improving the quality and extending the life of industrial products.

We support you in the concrete outcome of your ideas. The perfect mastery of our technical expertise helps to reduce delays, as well as development and adjustment costs. BA Technics is highly adaptable to your field of activity to help you realize your project.

The evolution of BA Technics, a high tech mechanical and mechatronics design office

Our key dates

cimtech logo

Creation of Cimtech


Cimtech becomes BA Group

Acquisition of Cimtech


BA Technics logo

Cimtech becomes BA Technics


Entrust your project to experts in the design and production of innovative products

Our mechatronics and robotics design office supports you at every stage of your project, from prototype to serial production, for the development and/or industrial subcontracting of your product, regardless of your sector.

The methodology of the BA Technics mechanical and mechatronics design office for your project

Our methodology


Our mechatronics and robotics design office kicks off our partnership by conducting a thorough analysis of your needs, allowing us to tailor your project while taking into consideration its specific environment.


To establish a precise specification, we meticulously examine your needs and requirements. Our design office performs a rigorous analysis, encompassing the regulatory, functional, and budgetary aspects.

Design & Development

We initiate the mechanical, electrical, and electronic design phase of your product. At the same time, our team is dedicated to software development. After the verification stage, we materialize your vision by creating functional models and prototypes.


We then take on the industrialization of your project, which includes supplier selection, the definition of purchase specifications, and overall manufacturing process optimization. We establish a dedicated production line to ensure efficiency and quality.


During this step, your product is assembled, tested and subjected to careful controls. We also handle all logistics, from shipping to after-sales spare parts service. Our customer support team remains at your disposal at all times, as your project is our top priority.

References and client projects of BA Technics

Our clients projects

Nautical Industry

TEMO 450

TEMO markets the lightest outboard motor in the world.

Our team provided assistance in the creation of the TEMO 450, the first portable electric motor produced in France. Our task involved m...


Tibot Spoutnic

Tibot (recently acquired by Octopus Biosafety) has launched a robot to help poultry farms.

Octopus Biosafety manufactures robots to optimize the economic performance of poultry farms and to improve the working conditions of the ...


200 +


400 +

Completed projects

300 +

Prototypes produced

10 years +

Industrial History

We are recruiting future talents for our company

Do you enjoy taking on challenges and working on innovative, ethical, and rewarding projects that incorporate cutting-edge technologies? If you have the ambition to make a difference and to push the boundaries of innovation, join our team!

Our values

The BA Group's consistent dedication to enhancing production and development procedures, along with the efficient management of costs, is what contributes to its overall performance.

BA Group commits to undertake concrete actions aimed at minimizing environmental impact, promoting ethical business practices, collaborating with local stakeholders and improving the working conditions of our employees.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy aims to support our suppliers, attract our future partners, as well as to retain our employees and clients. By enhancing our attractiveness and efficiency, our company strives to become more efficient and environmentally responsible.

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AFAQ ISO 13485

AFAQ ISO 13485


Innovation Tax Credit


Research Tax Credit

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