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BA Group is a recognized expert in mobile robotics, complex device automation, as well as mechatronics design and numerical simulations.

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Our expertise

Medical Device

Medical Device

We apply our expertise to automate and make your medical devices mobile in order to optimize their utilization rate, while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the medical devices.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

Our engineers imagine, draw, and model your parts, components and structures with precision. They combine mechanical calculations, industrial design and 3D modeling to turn your vision into reality.

Mechanical, thermal and fluid simulation

In order to optimize development time and costs, we perform mechanical, thermal and fluid simulations. This digital twin optimizes the design of a part or assembly to ensure its durability according to different types of stresses.

Machine safety

Machine Safety Management

The safety of individuals is a priority. We identify potential hazards and implement mechanisms to reduce risks on the machines we develop.

Plastics Processing and Foundry

We master the design of parts to be compatible with different plastics processing processes (plastic injection molding, thermoforming, rotational molding, etc.) and different foundry processes (for aluminum, steel and cast iron). These ma

Mobile Robotics

Our team is expert in geolocation, trajectory generation and security to create efficient and efficient robotic solutions. Our autonomous mobile robots (AMR) significantly improve the quality of companies' products and services.

electronic design

Electronic Design

We are specialized in the creation and development of electronic systems, circuits, and electronic devices. We perform circuit prototyping, electronic PCB design, etc., while optimizing performance.

Sensor integration

Sensor Integration

Our team specializes in integrating reliable sensors to gather crucial information for the monitoring, control, and automation of various systems and devices.

Real Time

Real-Time Embedded Software Development

Subject to hard real-time constraints, our embedded software is developed according to the application domain where responsiveness and predictability are essential to meet user needs.

Multidisciplinary project management

BA Group provides comprehensive project management for multidisciplinary, complex, and large-scale projects. We can bring expertise from A to Z by combining the skills of our engineers and the talent of our project managers.

Our multidisciplinary group adjusts their working methods to meet the needs of their clients, from respecting medical development processes to industrial implementation efficiency.

Our areas of expertise

Automation of hospital logistics

Mobile base for surgical suite imaging

Mobile hospital logitics solutions

Patient-Centric Automation

Medical Device

Mobility and Rehabilitation

medical robotics

Medical Pod for Aesthetic or Medical Procedures

Engineering services

sustainable transport

Sustainable transportation


Agricultural robotics


Medical device

Nautical industry


BA Group's production site

Industrialization and Production

A local ecosystem based on 90% French subcontracting

Production capabilities from prototype development to small and medium series

5000 m² of workshop including 2000 m² available for your projects

A dedicated team of industrial engineers and methods experts will work with you to improve your product's cost, manufacturability, and maintainability.

Entrust your project to experts in the design and production of innovative products

Our mechatronics and robotics design office supports you at every stage of your project, from prototype to serial production, for the development and/or industrial subcontracting of your product, regardless of your sector.

Our comprehensive support from design to production

Our methodology


Our mechatronics and robotics design office kicks off our partnership by conducting a thorough analysis of your needs, allowing us to tailor your project while taking into consideration its specific environment.


To establish a precise specification, we meticulously examine your needs and requirements. Our design office performs a rigorous analysis, encompassing the regulatory, functional, and budgetary aspects.

Design & Development

We initiate the mechanical, electrical, and electronic design phase of your product. At the same time, our team is dedicated to software development. After the verification stage, we materialize your vision by creating functional models and prototypes.


We then take on the industrialization of your project, which includes supplier selection, the definition of purchase specifications, and overall manufacturing process optimization. We establish a dedicated production line to ensure efficiency and quality.


During this step, your product is assembled, tested and subjected to careful controls. We also handle all logistics, from shipping to after-sales spare parts service. Our customer support team remains at your disposal at all times, as your project is our top priority.

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Our client projects



BA Healthcare is the lead partner in the HUBERT project, supported by the EU and the Brittany Region.

HUBERT is a three-year project from Brittany, co-sanctioned by the Atlanpol...



BA Healthcare was the industrial partner of the AiBle project, supported by INTERREG.

Aible is a three-year cross-border European project between the UK and France. It aimed to improve the r...



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Research Tax Credit

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